How to say thank you to customers, clients, and employees

Your customers and clients are everything to your business’s journey and growth, so frequently saying thank you is important, as it can help grow your relationship, increase their brand loyalty, and simply bring a smile to their faces. Equally important is showing how grateful you are for your employees, as it boosts their work ethic and drive, and promotes a workplace environment that makes Monday mornings worth it. While “thank you” may seem a simple expression, the challenge lies in finding the balance between being professional and being personal and choosing the right way to show appreciation in different situations, so here are some ways you can show your gratitude often and appropriately to your customers, clients and employees.

A Guide to Exhibiting and Giveaways

If you’re exhibiting at a trade event, your main aim is to get business. Attending these events is the first step, but standing around and expecting leads to come to you isn’t going to get results. Today, we’re going to talk about how to attract the visitors you care about, make them feel appreciated, and leave a lasting impression with promotional giveaways to bring them back for more.

We’re living in a digital world now; people are online, connected, and switched on 24/7. The branded merchandise industry is looking for new ways to help you grow your business every day, and promotional technology is booming! In fact, mobile phone and USB accessories were in top 10 most popular products last year. Let’s take a look at why your business should step away from traditional merchandise and use branded tech.

The UK promotional merchandise sector’s worth has hit £1bn! After eight years of steady growth, the industry has reached a major milestone, showing how popular and enduring promotional products are as a marketing tool – even in today’s digital society.

There are many lines of promotional products keeping the industry growth strong, but there are some shining stars that businesses invest in over and over again – for good reason. So which products are most loved, and how can they benefit your brand? Let’s take a look at the ten most popular products from last year by £ value.


Ashley Simpson

"The design and print quality of the posters and other items we have had designed for our gigs is absolutely awesome"

-Ashley Simpson
Daniel Humes

" I am delighted with the logo and leaflet the Go 4 Design team have created for my removals and courier business"

-Daniel Humes
Zoe Mitchell

"I love my business cards you guys have done a remarkable job. I will be using you again with future projects"

-Zoe Mitchell
Kath Potter

"Thank you so much for designing and printing my leaflets, they were fantastic value for money & look great "

-Kath Potter
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