Promotional Products for a Scorching Summer Campaign

Temperatures are rising, it’s still light at 9pm, and jumpers are stuffed in the back of the wardrobe – it’s nearly summer! For your business, however, summer can be a difficult season for marketing. There are no major holidays like Christmas or Easter to take advantage of, and everyone’s focus is turned to enjoying the outdoors and jetting off abroad, so attracting the attention of your customers can be a struggle.

Using themed promotional products in your summer campaigns will bring the spotlight back to your brand by giving your customers products that are relevant to the season. Throw giveaways and competitions, use them as thank you gifts, or hand them out when customers enter your doors – here are some sizzling promotional products you can use to keep your summer campaigns hot.

Become a More Eco-friendly Business with These Five Small Overhauls

Now is the time to overhaul how your business approaches environmental issues. After the success of the plastic bag charge, new potential policies for saving our planet are announced in the UK all the time, and the buzz on social media with each ground-breaking idea cannot be ignored. Not only will your business be taking steps to help the environment, your brand will be seen more favourably by potential customers, a positive perception you can’t miss out on. So what could possibly stop you?

A massive revamp isn’t always on the tables. Whether it’s budget constraints, limited space, or time that simply can’t be allotted to big changes, it’s understandable that not all businesses can power themselves entirely with solar panels or furnish a whole office with only reclaimed wood. However, all companies can make small and effective changes that benefit the environment and their brand. From going completely digital to promoting cycling, here are five simple ways you can be a more environmentally friendly business.

Does Promotional Merchandise Work?

Deciding how to tackle your next marketing campaign can be an intimidating task. You have targets to meet, returns on investments to consider, and the ever-present question of “will this actually work?” You may have considered a campaign with promotional products, or tried one before, as a way of promoting your brand but wondered if it’s the way forward for your business.

Luckily, the promotional merchandise industry has been around for many years and has proven its success time and time again, for brands big and small. There’s research and data, as well as many successful campaigns, which show how merchandise drives sales and boosts brand recognition with a huge range of versatile products. Keep reading to find out facts and figures from industry research, and be inspired by other business’s promotions.

Promotional Football Products Sure to Score with Your Customers

3.2 billion people across the globe watched the 2014 World Cup, 1 billion alone watched the final, and there were 53,000 people attending each match on average.

When an event is the hot topic of conversation, it provides you with an opportunity to connect with customers by sharing a common interest, draws attention to your business, and keeps your brand relevant. That's why it's important to include these large events in your marketing plan every year. It all kicks off in 2018 on the 14th of June, and hype is already building. Now is your chance to promote your brand using promotional football products.


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