A promotional giveaway or competition is one of the most effective ways of attracting customers, new and old, and increasing meaningful engagements with your business. People love the word free, and people also love the fun of entering giveaways and competitions, so a giveaway is sure to bring amazing results to your business...Right?

Just giving away whatever you have lying around the office isn’t going to lead to success, and neither is setting up a fantastic giveaway with must have products but not promoting it at all. As with all areas of marketing, you need a plan. Here are our top tips to creating the best promotional giveaway you can!

Figure out the "why"

All campaigns need a purpose and a goal right from the beginning. Without this, you'll be unable to plan anything else.

A promotional giveaway is a great campaign for so many business goals. If you’re looking to increase your social media following, then a giveaway or competition is guaranteed to bring in new followers who are interested in what your brand has to offer. Maybe converting followers into customers is what you want to achieve, in which case giveaways offer a great incentive for your customers to do business with you.

Who is it for?

Once you know your goal, you can decide what audience you’re aiming to attract. Who this is will depend entirely on your business and what your business offers.

The reason it’s so important to define your audience is that what you give away and how you promote will be completely different from one demographic to another. Some questions to ask when defining your audience include:

·        How old are they?

·        Where do they live?

·        What’s their employment status?

·        What sector do they work in?

·        What are their interests?

·        And, above all, what do they value?

If you’re not totally sure about who your audience is then there are many places you can look. You can look at your Facebook insights for demographics or Twitter insights to view your followers’ interests. If you have Google Analytics set up then you’ll be provided with essential information about who is interacting with your business’s website. And of course, think about the sort of people who have worked with you in the past!

What do people value?

This is the fun bit – what will you be giving away? Now you know who your campaign is aimed at and the goal of your campaign, you can figure out the products you’ll be giving away. It’s important to choose products that your audience will truly value. Think of things that are useful in everyday life or at work, or look for on-trend products that everyone wants to get their hands on! Here are a couple of ideas:

·        Branded tool kits or tape measures make for a good small giveaway for builders, joiners, or decorators

·        Keep your customers on top of tech trends with a promotional wireless charger

·        With festival season right around the corner, do a giveaway of some branded festival essentials such as power banks, camping mugs, torches, or folding chairs – perfect for a younger audience

·        Wow during the summer season with a BBQ giveaway, including a branded grill

You can also do a giveaway of your services, such as a free trial, one of your products, or a useful resource like an e-book or webinar. Combine this with some promotional goodies for an impactful giveaway that your audience will love.


Ashley Simpson

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-Ashley Simpson
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-Daniel Humes
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"I love my business cards you guys have done a remarkable job. I will be using you again with future projects"

-Zoe Mitchell
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-Kath Potter
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