Creative Ways to Use Common Promotional Products - Part 2

Want to get even more out of your favourite promotional products? Printing your logo and details is an effective way of getting exposure for your business, but sometimes you want to push your campaign further. Last week we looked at creative ways of using mugs and USBs in your promotional products strategy, such personalised tea recipes on mugs for employees and uploading useful resources to USBs to hand out to your biggest leads.

This week, we’ll take a look at two more popular products: bags and clothing. These products have large printing areas that take up much of the product and come in loads of colours and styles, so finding interesting ways to use them in your marketing is a breeze. Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

Bag Yourself Some Customer Loyalty

This is a fact you may not know: in 2017, bags were the most popular promotional product by £ value! It’s easy to see why – there are many different colours, shapes, sizes, materials and styles available, which means finding a bag that fits your branding and company message couldn’t be easier.

Branded bags are often used at trade days for giving out other products and marketing material, or can be used as a giveaway item on their own. You can have fun with printing options or what you put in the bags to make a campaign that’s unique to your business.

If you want your target audience to engage with your business, then competitions are one of the best ways to create a buzz that’ll get people talking. One way of doing this is a “guess what’s in the bag” contest, which could be held on social media, in your workplace, or at an event. Put some prizes in your branded bags - think along the lines of branded confectionery, small giveaway items, gift cards, or on trend tech products - and give out clues for people to solve or create silhouettes of the items to work out. Whoever guesses correctly gets a prize bag!

Another way of using bags in big giveaways is to create branded kits filled with useful items that your customers or clients will appreciate. It's really important to choose useful products to increase the longevity of your promotional campaign, so this is an excellent way of getting your brand’s name out there and making an impact on your leads that will last.

The type of branded kit you create depends entirely on your business and your customers. Perhaps your business is a travel agency and you’re looking to thank your long term, loyal customers with an amazing gift. A holiday pack filled with branded sun lotion, sun glasses, ball games, neck pillows, or water bottles is a great way to show your gratitude, with all the products given away in a lovely promotional beach bag. If your clients work in offices, then a simple small canvas bag with office supplies like promotional pens, notebooks, or mouse pads would be a hit!

Branded bags are also the best option for an environmentally friendly giveaway as they not only reduce the use of disposable plastic bags, but they can come in organic materials. For the earth conscious customers, the thought and care behind this gift won’t be missed. You can use these eco-friendly bags to include tips for decreasing carbon footprints, or as a way to give out other sustainable products like recycled pencils and notebooks.

Creative Clothing to be Remembered

Promotional clothing is often used for employee uniform but it also makes great giveaway items and can be used in unique marketing campaigns. As with the bags, a competition is one of the best ways of getting people’s attention, so why not throw a design a t-shirt contest for your business? This works especially well for campaigns aimed at younger audiences and families, or even professionals working in the creative industry. Once you’ve chosen your winner, print the design on the front along with your details and do a limited giveaway of the t-shirts. Not only does this get create meaningful engagements for your business but it can develop a community around your brand.

Create a branded sports kit for your customers for the summer season! Every year there are huge sporting events you can take advantage of, and this year football is the top scorer, so doing a giveaway with a football kit or incorporating one into your employees’ uniform is a good way to get your brand involved. Go all out with cheesy slogans and football puns on the back and use your logo as the crest. We have more fantastic promotional football products to read about in one of our previous posts, so check it out!

T-shirts make great memorabilia for events and occasions people want to remember, and your company’s events are no different. Whether it’s a conference you’re holding, a fun day, a charity race, or perhaps a company BBQ, get some t-shirts printed to remember it by. Think up even more silly slogans for this and keep it fun.

As you can see, promotional products aren’t just about printing your logo and phone number. While doing this is absolutely one of the best ways to get your contact details in the hands of your customers, sometimes you want your products to go further. Being creative with your promotional campaigns will bring more attention to your business and your customer's will have a positive perception of your brand!

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