Promotional Football Products Sure to Score with Your Customers

3.2 billion people across the globe watched the 2014 World Cup, 1 billion alone watched the final, and there were 53,000 people attending each match on average.

When an event is the hot topic of conversation, it provides you with an opportunity to connect with customers by sharing a common interest, draws attention to your business, and keeps your brand relevant. That's why it's important to include these large events in your marketing plan every year. It all kicks off in 2018 on the 14th of June, and hype is already building. Now is your chance to promote your brand using promotional football products.

Avoiding a Foul

A brief word of warning – FIFA's strict about protecting their brand. Their brand protection rules (found here) can feel overwhelming and restricting, but it boils down to ensuring you don’t imply you have any commercial association with FIFA.

To quickly check if your promotion is going to flag up some problems, you can view the dos and don’ts from the 2014 World Cup. The examples provided show that you can’t directly reference the event, use any of their trademarks, or any World Cup logos, mascots or branding. References to football, flags, and countries are completely fine and these all offer some great opportunities for marketing!

Score with Football Fans

Football with a logo printed on it

Promotional giveaways are the best way to market your business during big sporting events. The products are versatile and cost-effective, and can increase your brand exposure while allowing the recipients to express their support for their favourite team.

There are many promotional football products on offer. Fun and low-cost options include branded football stress toys, keyrings, lip balm, and pens. When you really want to wow the biggest football fans, get your branding printed on an actual football! There are several sizes available, from mini footballs perfect for little ones, or larger standard sizes, plus several colours and styles to suit your needs. To stand out and make a huge impression, choose branded football shorts or jerseys alongside footballs for the ultimate promotional gift for a fan.

Promote Your Brand and a Healthy Lifestyle

White sports bottle with red lid with The Official World Gym Loves England printed on it

Don't limit your choices to just football shaped products, however. Every year, professional players inspire people to take up a new active hobby, so use general promotional sports products in your marketing as well to support your customers as they take to the football pitch.

Branded water bottles are always growing in popularity, and come in a variety of colours which can be matched to your logo. Alternatively, match the colours to a team flag to show your company’s support and give your customers a way to express their team loyalty. Water bottles are useful and environmentally friendly, so they’re sure to score highly, and they're perfect for a Wednesday evening game!

Other options include branded sweatbands, gym bags, sunglasses, or even an activity tracker. All will support your customers and your brand throughout the 2018 football season and are also perfect for other big events like Wimbledon or Tour de France.


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