Must Have Promotional Products for University Open Days

Exams are finally coming to a much welcomed end across the country, and after a year of practicing integration and differentiation or revising all there is to know about Henry VIII, students are looking to the next step.

It’s open day season in the coming weeks, with more scattered around throughout the autumn, so making your university or college stand out amongst the rest is vital. With well thought out promotional products, you can be sure you’ll make an impression on prospective students.

A promotional giveaway or competition is one of the most effective ways of attracting customers, new and old, and increasing meaningful engagements with your business. People love the word free, and people also love the fun of entering giveaways and competitions, so a giveaway is sure to bring amazing results to your business...Right?

Just giving away whatever you have lying around the office isn’t going to lead to success, and neither is setting up a fantastic giveaway with must have products but not promoting it at all. As with all areas of marketing, you need a plan. Here are our top tips to creating the best promotional giveaway you can!

Creative Ways to Use Common Promotional Products - Part 2

Want to get even more out of your favourite promotional products? Printing your logo and details is an effective way of getting exposure for your business, but sometimes you want to push your campaign further. Last week we looked at creative ways of using mugs and USBs in your promotional products strategy, such personalised tea recipes on mugs for employees and uploading useful resources to USBs to hand out to your biggest leads.

This week, we’ll take a look at two more popular products: bags and clothing. These products have large printing areas that take up much of the product and come in loads of colours and styles, so finding interesting ways to use them in your marketing is a breeze. Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

Creative Ways to Use Common Promotional Products - Part 1

Promotional merchandise is a great way to get your name out there and is low cost, useful, and effective. Printing your company details on these products gives your potential customers an easy way to get in touch with you, and this is the most common way of using popular promotional items.

Sometimes, however, you want to get more out of your trusty branded mugs or USBs. Marketing is all about thinking outside the box and finding new ways to impact customers, and branded merchandise isn’t any different. This week, we're looking at two of the most popular products and creative and fun ways to use them in your marketing strategy, with another two products next week!


Ashley Simpson

"The design and print quality of the posters and other items we have had designed for our gigs is absolutely awesome"

-Ashley Simpson
Daniel Humes

" I am delighted with the logo and leaflet the Go 4 Design team have created for my removals and courier business"

-Daniel Humes
Zoe Mitchell

"I love my business cards you guys have done a remarkable job. I will be using you again with future projects"

-Zoe Mitchell
Kath Potter

"Thank you so much for designing and printing my leaflets, they were fantastic value for money & look great "

-Kath Potter
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